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Amplify: Mobile Pedagogy for Today’s Digital Natives
Intrepid Learning: Groundbreaking Learning Technology that Delivers Results
CommuniTake: Simplifying the mLearning Experience
Edusight: Visualizing Academic Progress through Mobile Applications
Fishtree: Assessments and Assignments through Intuitive Interfaces
Mobile Learning Services: Innovative Learning Practices through Mobile Technology
MobileMind: Enhanced Learning through Customized MDM Solutions
Nearpod: Inspire, Engage, and Asses Student Learning
Skaffl: Turning the Mobile into an Indispensible Learning Too
Clever: Digitizing the Education Sector
Datalogics: Adaptive and Interactive eBook Solutions
DubLabs: Unified Mobile Strategy for Personalized Learning
Incentify: Incentivized Education
D2L: Driving the Desire to Learn
Schoology: Simplifying the Online Learning Experience