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Snaptrends: Identifying Threats to Build a Safer Learning Campus
Sprout Social: A Collaborative Platform for Dynamic Social Communication
SchoolMessenger: Unifying K-12 Communications across North America
Bodhtree: Instilling E-Learning in Academic Institutions
C-4 Analytics: Helping Schools Engage with Prospective Students
Collaboration Solutions: Enhancing Social Media Collaboration for Enhanced Learning Helping Educational Professionals Grow and Serve Knowledge Effectively
Stoneware [HKG: 0992]- A Lenovo Company: Solutions that Support the 21st Century Classroom
TargetX: Leveraging Social Media to Boost Recruitment
Teachers Media International: Connecting Educators and Schools through Social Media
Enterprise Hive: Accelerating Campus Engagement
Hootsuite: Revolutionizing Campus Engagement
NUVI: Innovative Edge for Success
Swizly: Social Media Aggregation Platform
TargetX: Efficiently Monitoring the Student Lifecycle