TimeClock Plus: The Time Keeping Expert

TimeClock Plus: The Time Keeping Expert

Jordy Moorman, President Ernie Nabors, COO Dr. Steve Bannerman, CTO Scott Turner, Vice President, Marketing,TimeClock Plus

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry

Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer

Transfinder: The Student Transportation System Pioneer

Antonio Civitella, President & CEO,Transfinder

Big Data Collection Opportunities and Problems in Higher Education

Big Data Collection Opportunities and...

Linda Hartford, CIO, Ellucian

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Create a Study-Ready University

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Create...

Timothy Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor of Religious...

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Simplified with New Mobile App

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Simplified...

Andrew Williams, Director of Product Management, Bright Horizons

Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality in a Multi-Billion Dollar Company

Leveraging Augmented and Virtual...

Sam Lamonica, CIO and Fred Meeske, Corporate Director BIM Services, Rosendin

Technology and Law Enforcement

Technology and Law Enforcement

Daniel A. Dusseau, Chief of Police, Northern Virginia Community College, Police Department