4 Ways To Select The Best Gamification eLearning Platform

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Most of the people stick to their old LMS because they find the selection process difficult but now an online directory can simplify the selection process in different ways.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the companies prefer to continue with their present LMS because they know the selection process will be tough. Because of this reason, if their existing platform is falling short and straining their resources still, they won’t change it. But now, an exclusive online directory allows finding the best gamification LMS for the business.

Here are some techniques that can help to use an LMS directory to find a gamification eLearning platform that’s worthy of your investment:

1. Consider The Use Case And Deployment Type

It is already determined that gamification is a top priority because it excitingly engages people. But it is necessary to take a step beyond by targeting your specific use case and deployment model. This helps in selecting a Learning Management System that addresses current gaps. For example, one needs to switch to a gamified LMS that follows a monthly subscription model and is based on The Cloud.

2. Have A List Of Additional Must-Have Features 

Ranging from offline access to blended learning, every directory listing includes a detailed list of features that the LMS offers. Also, in addition to gamification, users can choose and filter elements according to their needs. Before selecting the appropriate platform, make a proper list of essential selling points that the tool needs to deliver so that you’re fully prepared. The other way is to speak with the team and see which features they require and conduct surveys to gather feedback from online learners.

3. Look For Platforms That Provide Free Test Drives

Before selecting the final platform, look for different platforms that provide free test drives. An LMS online directory will quickly spot vendors who offer free trials or demos. Before making the final decision, you can also directly contact the vendor to sign up or ask more questions. The platforms that provide free test drives always remain on the top of the list because the user can try before buying it. A free trial allows you to explore the Learning Management System firsthand and see how it fares in a real-world setting.

4. Make A Budget Before Beginning Your Search

Before starting your search, create an accurate budget regarding how much you can spend on your new gamification LMS. The other thing to keep in mind is that what all features are required in that package. You can even view the starting price per user to determine if it’s within your budget. Don’t forget to account for overlooked fees, such as ongoing maintenance, user overage costs, and upgrades.

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