Advantages of Leveraging Student Engagement and Retention Platforms

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 12, 2022

For leveraging student engagement, it is necessary to have platforms that can utilize technological advancements. 

FREMONT, CA: Technology advancements have led to various applications and websites that help all school-going and college students manage their work. Digitalization at its rapid pace is increasing the usage of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in class and at home by students for academic and personal purposes. A student engagement and retention platform aims to keep a record of student profiles and educational information to enhance student engagement and retention. Students' input is captured most effectively, and faculty and students can communicate in real-time. Data is centralized and unified for every interaction. It allows lecturers to track students' performance and understand them better, providing a more personalized experience for students.

Improved student understanding

Universities can determine which events or methods of delivering courses to meet student needs and which ones should be abandoned based on detailed analyses and student participation reports. With the help of these data, lecturers can make informed decisions about their plans.

Automate tedious tasks

It is no longer necessary for lecturers to spend hours on tedious processes such as grading, marking, and tracking student performance, which was once time-consuming. In place of paper grading assignments, conducting discussions, and managing event participants, engagement and engagement apps can allow you to do this.

Customized student experience

Institutions can use engagement platforms to tailor learning to every student's needs by using engagement platforms. Students' strengths, interests, ethnicity, community needs, and cultural background are considered when creating learning content in this app. Participate in activities related to topics that interest students. As a result of streamlined workflow, automated alerts, and automatically generated feedback, lecturers will also reap the benefits of personalized student experiences. 

Improved student engagement

Based on the student's feedback, the software tracks the students' participation in a course and determines whether the course is effective. Furthermore, it may also be possible to increase students' engagement and retention levels by utilizing emerging technologies like AR and VR - especially for students who may have difficulty in courses because of their language barriers.

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