AI, A Sturdy Weapon to Fight Human Trafficking

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

AI technology is opening up fresh approaches to finding and prosecuting people who take advantage of illegal human trafficking.

FREMONT, CA: Human trafficking is a crime, victimizing mostly females and kids. Technologists are now discovering technological solutions to not only overcome the hazards of human trafficking but also to prevent it to a large extent. Recently developed AI technology tools assist the victims of human trafficking in multiple aspects. By sorting information and acknowledging trends quicker than any human could, AI instruments help activists and researchers crack down on sex sellers, recognize victims of trafficking, and follow paths of illicit cash.

Advances in the rapidly evolving tech industry have implications and apps for traffickers as well as those working to combat trafficking. Technological advances also provide unprecedented possibilities for law enforcement and service providers to monitor illegal activity, identify and rescue victims, gather and evaluate information leading to traffickers being prosecuted, and streamlining communication between anti-trafficking actors and organizations. One of the most significant technological developments that increase the job of those fighting slavery includes many smart tools that are accessible by law enforcement to aggregate data in real time. Law enforcement agencies using such tools saw their inquiry time reduced by 43 percent.

Smart chatbots are brilliantly helping in eradicating human traffickers by targeting prospective sex buyers. Police departments put up fake prostitution advertisements, and the decoy chatbot imitates a sex worker after males begin texting the listed phone number, having full discussions about pricing and place. Then, several days later, the chatbot sends a sex trafficking notice to the victimizers.

It is not easy to battle against modern slavery and human trafficking, but AI empowers law enforcement, governments, and other sectors to discover the sources of these offenses and take their perpetrators to justice.

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