Amira's AI-Powered Software is Offering Remote Learning

By Education Technology Insights | Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mark Angel, CEO

Amira is using AI-powered devices to offer remote learning to the students during the pandemic of COVID 19.

FREMONT, CA: Amira is an AI-powered software company that helps the students to become better readers. The company has also achieved four new awards for efficiency and innovation. These awards consist of:

1. Top Education Startup (Finalist in the XTC Global Challenge)
2. Award of Excellence from Educators (Tech & Learning Magazine)
3. Best Online Tutor (Edtech Breakthrough Award)
4. Best Use of Emerging Technology in Education (2020 Codie Finalist)

Presently, the schools are searching for various methods to offer remote learning and help students recover from the COVID situation. The technologies used by Amira's has assisted the students to increase the speed of their reading and gain mastery in it. Such a company's contribution has helped it achieve recognition from independent evaluators as a valuable innovation.

During the 2019-20 school year, Amira's efficiency was displayed in leading Districts across the country. As the school year has completed, Amira has obtained extensive acknowledgment for their efficiency that consist of:

• Amira is a Codie nominee for Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning in Education. Codie's are the Academy Awards of the software world, and Amira's designation as a Codie Finalist validates the excellence of the application.
• Amira is the winner for Best Online Tutor in the 2020 Edtech Breakthrough Awards.  
• Amira has received the 2020 Award Of Excellence from Tech & Learning.
• Amira is a 2020 Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Finalist. XTC is one of the world's largest startup competition that prioritizes global challenges. Most prominent investors are in the panel, which evaluates more than 2400 startups in 87 countries, and they have selected Amira as one of 4 finalists in the Education category.

According to the CEO of Amiral learning, Mark Angel, "Amira is gaining increased recognition as the software helps thousands of students keep growing even when working at home." He even said that "Amira is the perfect online solution for Reading Tutoring and is proven to mitigate the COVID gap."

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