Area9 Lyceum Launches Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ - A New, AI-Driven Solution for Adobe Flash Migration

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Chestnut Hill - As Adobe ends support for its Flash software platform by the end of 2020, Area9 Lyceum has a new, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics enabled solution, Rhapsode|BRIDGE™, available for education companies and corporate learning and development departments. Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ will enable companies to migrate their Flash content and materials up to five times faster and more cost effective than alternative solutions.

Adobe's decision to stop support for Flash will require companies to migrate their software and content to new open formats, such as HTML5 and SCORM. The problem is significant for many companies who are still searching for an efficient strategy to migrate their large libraries of education content based on Flash.

"Companies worldwide will soon find their existing platforms will no longer be supported and they will need to move all their valuable content to a compatible system," said Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO of Area9 Lyceum. "In addition to our expertise in education, we have built the most advanced automation content development workflow systems to streamline content creation and curation. There are several great solutions to transition Flash-based web content. For educational content, there is a significant gap because educational content is in many ways much harder to transition. Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ can close that gap. It is still not a 'one-click' operation, but it is significantly easier."

Using AI and robotics, Rhapsode|BRIDGE can facilitate the transition from Flash to a responsive platform up to five times faster than the alternatives. The process starts with an advanced ingestion layer that takes apart the Flash file and generates a library of resources. These are rebuilt again using Area9's Rhapsode|CURATOR™ to a responsive component with the same or better functionality as the original.

When the content is rebuilt, it is critical to validate it. Area9 Lyceum has used its industry-leading experience to build new workflow automation and technology platforms to massively streamline such reviews and validation processes.

"Our team has more than 20 years of experience working with highly regulated areas such as health care and we can help those companies manage and streamline compliance and regulatory approval," Dr. Christensen said.

The final step is to publish the content with a brand-new technology that can cross-compile the learning packages into modern formats, such as HTML5, ePub, SCORM, LTI, QTI – or to Area9's adaptive format. This allows companies to use the most advanced education specific technologies to do the migration of their content without getting locked in or having to make the full investment towards adaptive learning.

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