Benefits of Using RFID Attendance System in Schools

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 11, 2021

A properly implemented RFID attendance system provides security to the regular operations and safety of the students.

FREMONT, CA: People enjoy the benefits of RFID solutions every day, even though only a few recognize its presence in daily life. We see it in libraries, retail stores, hospitals, amusement parks, schools, airports, and any place where tracking of items or people movements are implemented to serve the customers better. Although RFID related solutions were already a part of libraries from a long time ago, there is a surprising growth in the RFID applications for student tracking as it improves the overall security of students in schools where constant supervision of adults is necessary. The RFID applications can generate a copious amount of data that can be analyzed to derive decision-making insights.

Let us look at the benefits of using RFID in schools:

Security & Safety

A properly implemented RFID attendance system provides security to the regular operations and safety of the students. Since all the information about the student from morning to evening is recorded as well as communicated with the parents, there is less to worry about the students’ safety. As all the information is communicated to parents via SMS or mobile apps, the parents can be worry-free and focus on their work easily.

School Buses

Another current trend is to implement an RFID system in school buses. This enables the tracking of students when they are on a school bus. This gathers information about the stops where the kids on-boarded and off-boarded the bus. This also can be communicated to parents on a real-time basis via SMS or the student information system mobile apps.

Faster Communication

Without an automated RFID solution, each update has to be manually entered into the student information system in order to communicate with the parents. Since the work pressure on teachers and admin staff is usually high, this task would be done either once every week or end of the day. This would not be much helpful to the parents. Utilizing the RFID solution enables schools to instantly capture and communicate all the location data to the student information system. Depending on the settings selected by the student information system operator, the same information would be delivered to the parents on pre-set timing.

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