Boosting Retention Via Student Support Services

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 20, 2022

The first step toward incorporating support services into any educational institution's retention plan is to ensure they have the appropriate student support services.

Students who attend colleges and universities enjoy numerous benefits, but student support services go beyond that. The difference between an associate's degree and a stop-out is a nonissue for many students. However, many programs continue to under-promote support services for students in their degrees. Others integrate them into their marketing but then drop the ball once a student is on board.

Look at student assistance programs' role in supporting educational institutions to keep their students on-campus and productive. They assist students in staying motivated, conquering challenges, and achieving their goals. Nevertheless, if students know their existence, they are more effective. Therefore, student support services should be a vital part of the toolkit if the goal is to promote student retention.

Maintaining student engagement: Consider going to an assembly where one doesn't know anyone. They may end up staring at their phone in the corner instead of participating in the conversation. Likewise, a student who doesn't have support services is solitary at a party. They may want to take part but aren't sure how. Thus, they develop a sense of isolation from the rest of the population. According to them, leaving early will go undetected or unappreciated.

It's like showing up at a party where only half the attendees are familiar. As a result, students will have more excellent chances to mingle and make friends. Networking activities, peer mentorship, cultural events, gyms, and skill seminars are just meant students can get involved in the school community. Therefore, they feel more connected to one another and are more likely to persevere in the face of trouble.

Getting rid of or reducing obstacles: Every student has to beat many challenges. It may be hard to keep childcare or a crisis of self-confidence spurred on by an exceptionally demanding lesson. Such stumbling blocks can hinder educational progress. They may postpone finishing their education until the situation is remedied. An awful outcome would be a realization of their inadequacy to attend college at all.

By offering these students the requisite tools to overcome their obstacles, student support services support them to stay enrolled. Several programs are available to help students succeed and go forward, including tutoring, childcare, financial aid, health care for students, mental health services, and IT support.

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