Can Distance Learning be an Opportunity for Small Education Businesses?

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Distance learning has become crucial because mandates to combat the pandemic closes schools across all age groups.

FREMONT, CA: Distance learning is a technology that has kept the learning going on in this crisis, highlighting the importance and capability of distance learning as tens of millions of people learn online. For many companies, this might prove to be an excellent opportunity to invest more in their distance learning capability. This is possible because it is the future of learning, and businesses can be available globally with this format.

Education Companies and Distance Learning

Top 10 Distance and Remote Learning Solution Companies - 2020Distance learning is now a widely adopted part of the mainstream educational system. It is increasingly becoming indispensable as people choose to learn anytime and anywhere. If a person has the degree and expertise to teach in a chosen field, they can start teaching online and make their knowledge available to a global audience.

Small scale education companies are now offering multiple learning opportunities across all industries. Whether in person, taped, and online video courses, this is a great way to monetize knowledge.

The eLearning market is deemed to reach a market value of $300 billion by 2025. The growth is being fueled by trends in technology that create an interactive learning experience.

Technology Trends

Internet is the primary technology in distance learning. People use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to catch a lesson no matter where they are. As soon as they have some free time, they are logging in and learning.

Additionally, virtual and augmented reality is becoming a crucial part of the immersive technology educators are using to teach. The data in the report says 89 percent of educators are interested in using AR, VR, and 360° video.

Big data, coupled with artificial intelligence, is also helping instructors track engaging content, personalize learning, streamline learning pathways, and support the diverse needs of all learners.

What About the Students?

The flexibility offered to the students is one of the benefits of distance learning. They can learn from schools around the world, but they can do it at their own pace. Almost two-thirds of 63 percent in the report choose online education because it addresses work/life responsibilities.

As for organizations, 72 percent say it gives them a competitive advantage. The report says that every $1 spent on eLearning, increases productivity by $30. Moreover, students of these organizations learn 5X more material per hour of training.

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