Cisco Enhances Secure Distance Learning Options with Webex Classrooms

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Cisco’s Webex Classrooms’ additional functionalities provision a secure go-to place for teachers, students, and parents to connect.

FREMONT, CA: To help educators meet the needs of students, Cisco Collaboration announces a preview of Webex Classrooms, which adapts Cisco’s secure platform to meet the online learning needs of the hybrid classroom. Cisco Webex Classrooms is a safe go-to place for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate more naturally. It offers a classroom structure where students and teachers can organize classes, review syllabuses, schedule classes, host virtual office hours, and many more. Students can seamlessly interact with each other and access learning resources, and parents can stay involved too.

 With Cisco Webex collaboration tools, students, teachers, parents, and administrators can settle into a new school year, ensuring that technology can support learning that is secure.  Webex Classrooms jointly works with Webex Meetings to allow hybrid learning remedies and easy video calling. Educational institutions around the globe have been using Webex for hybrid learning.

The company has added many new capabilities for Webex Meetings in education to help teachers, students, parents, and IT staff manage the latest learning practices. For teachers, there is Webex Meetings that also allow them to focus on educating their students.  Auto-lock meetings is enabled so that only signed-in users and students can join. Teachers set the policy, and guests wait in the lobby until admitted.  Teachers can also build more dynamic learning in the online classroom.  This provides an orderly classroom experience. With Webex hard-mute options, they can also remove distractions and better control the virtual class.

With Webex devices, teachers can streamline classroom and teaching experiences for all stakeholders. Standup, sit-down, walk around – Webex device presenter track sets the focus and allows teachers to move naturally around the classroom. Remote learners are brought into the classroom, keeping learners engaged. 

 For students, the platform brings the best with an environment that is engaging, fun, and helps them learn securely and without limits.   Webex Assistant for Meetings allows live transcripts during the meeting so students can follow along with no matter their learning style. With Webex Teams, students can message, share, whiteboard, and call their study group. Parents have a virtual parent-teacher conference option to share learning updates, assignments, and many more. For IT, the platform enables safe learning environments.

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