Cornerstone Discovers a Unified Talent Management Software Solution

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, May 05, 2016

SANTA MONICA, CA: Cornerstone OnDemand, a training and recruitment organization unveils that they are engaged by Hitachi to provide continuous supply of Cloud-based talent management software solution. This software leads Hitachi to deliver a best-in- class learning and development process which enhances more than 350,000 employees’ knowledge for a business changing environment.

Cornerstone’s talent management software solution gives a better implementation of learning and development process so that organizations can expand their level of business via knowledgeable employees and an advanced work culture accordingly.

Hitachi plays a versatile role as it accepts the advanced talent management software solution, which reforms their general learning and development programs for enhancing company’s internal work culture. This talent solution helps Hitachi to well-organize its delivery, risk and compliance systems for their employees. “Cornerstone is the leading global learning and collaboration platform in the world, with a long history of transforming company cultures through superior learning experiences and continuous innovation in learning delivery,” says Levent Arabaci, General Manager, Global Human Capital, Hitachi. 

Cornerstone’s talent management software solution is being used by several companies of all sizes such as Nissan, LIXIL and many more. The cloud based talent solution supports companies to detect the top talent via accurate sourcing and recruiting process. This software solution enables external networks of customers, vendors and distributors; and guides internal personnel by providing accurate training on their careers, future development, and business knowledge deployment. It consults organization by scale up employees in applicant management, referrals, onboard, learning, and performance functions. These functions guide companies and personnel to know- how to hire new people and engage with social tools.

Hitachi makes use of Cornerstone’s 2 different learning applications: Learning and Connect. Cornerstone Learning is a centralized system led by an instructor which comprises virtual learning, exams, certifications, and compliance content for training and developing employees. Whereas, Cornerstone  Connect is an employee collaboration software that assists company’s employees to share knowledge, solutions, and innovations. 

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