Dynamics in Education Renewed, Courtesy of Big Data

Education Technology Insights | Monday, April 29, 2019

Big data is defined as a gigantic set of information, which contains essentials like trends, patterns, connections, and behavior of a particular field, process or group of users. In the field of education, data production is inevitable as it is necessary to have general, socio-economical, and educational performance related data of each student. This data, if structured with the help of big data analytics, can change the approach to teacher-student interactions.

Among the myriad applications of big data, the personalization of education for student has become exceedingly eye-catching. Big data helps in the creation of individual profiles for each student, with detailed descriptions containing basic information relevant to school curriculum, their socio-economic status, as well as any entrance tests they may have taken. The information aids teachers in understanding students’ proficiency through their performance in various tests and exercises, which proves beneficial in the personalization of syllabus and prevents students from dropping out due to lack of insight on the subject.  

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Big data has aided universities in organizing their recruitment process on a global scale while providing genuine information about the applicants. In turn, students have utilized data analytics to determine appropriate universities based on their profile and forte. This results in perfect combinations of students and universities with mutual beliefs and specializations. With the application of data analytics, universities have succeeded in maintaining the quality of recruitment by disseminating the precise ideologies of the courses to avoid excessive subject dropouts. In such a scenario, a dashboard students, teachers, and education counselors facilitates the process of taking informed decisions. A dashboard further facilitates the process of taking informed decisions. The conception of this dashboard allows better recognition of the student behavior, study habits, and variation in results. Reports generated from the dashboard can be used to evaluate a student more accurately from a holistic point-of-view and generate results that enhance the decision-making process for teachers and counselors. The teachers attain a magnified view of their students, to whom they can impart specific guidance.

With time, big data analytics is expected to continue developing a significant presence in modern education and raise the effectiveness of learning.

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