Google Equips Teachers with 'Classroom' for Focused Teaching

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Google launches ‘Classroom’ to all Google Apps for education users. Teachers can use this platform to spend most of their time focusing on teaching rather than spending it on managing papers.

Google’s Classroom makes it possible for teachers to view and comment on students’ work to aid them in their pursuit of learning. The ‘About’ page for each course is a simple place to post information and materials about classes.

Assignments created by teachers can be attached from Google Drive – including including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Keynote, Google Slides, Excel, Google Sheets, and more – then make an individual copy for each student automatically. This saves significant time of the teacher as papers are not involved in giving assignments and hence no need to spend time working with photocopier. Managing bundles of papers meant for the entire class could get be a disturbance for teacher making him to deviate from the critical things such as focusing on teaching. This platform enables teachers to review assignments and provide feedback and grades to all students all in one place.

Classroom is available in 42 languages – including Arabic, Hebrew and Persian – and works fine on mobile devices and most popular screen readers. 

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