How AI in LMS Will Simplify Employee Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, October 28, 2021

With the growth of learning organisations, rising demand for experience-focused, employee-centered processes, and the increasing need for smart brand loyalty, it is only rational that the learning management system (LMS) is changing.

FREMONT, CA: Every day, artificial intelligence is at work in shaping human lives without awareness. It simplifies everyone’s lives but requires human input to function. Given the growing use of AI, learning management systems is one of the most promising AI applications.

The following describes how artificial intelligence (AI) integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMS) modernises employee learning.

The Learning Management System of the future

AI's role in every industry is rapidly expanding. However, the most significant realisation for AI in the future of learning and development is that it will assist in anticipating users' learning paths and behaviours, predict their future learning needs and provide content based on how users learn best, thereby increasing the effectiveness of e-learning and LMS courses.

Predicted educational path

As AI moves forward, systems will create more customised learning paths for individual users. Reshaping learning and development through an anticipated learning path involves evaluating user performance and determining the most appropriate information path. AI-equipped with these capabilities will recommend the types of information a user needs, similar to how Netflix or Amazon recommends viewing shows based on their viewing history. In addition to helping users find more effective learning paths, artificial intelligence can also help educators determine what their employees need to learn.

Cost-effectiveness of the course

Additionally, artificial intelligence can aid in learning and development efforts by assisting teachers in developing more practical courses. Gamification is one of these methods. Gamification, when used properly, can make learning more engaging and aid in information retention.

Additionally, increasing course effectiveness benefits teachers by making it easier to identify opportunities to improve the course's effectiveness, fill informational gaps, automatically grade students, assist with onboarding, and get the instructional process moving.

Highlights of opportunity

Learning management systems collect student data and statistics to identify learning gaps and opportunities that teachers may have missed or ignored. Additionally, artificial intelligence can help identify opportunities to combine new ideas with previous topics to provide a well-rounded user learning experience through pattern recognition and data analysis. This allows administrators and teachers to close gaps in their students' learning that they may not know.

The future of learning and development with Artificial Intelligence

While there are numerous unknowns about the future of AI, utilising the tools educators have to improve a lot of knowledge and development will enable them to develop a more personalised approach to e-learning and learning management systems.

Artificial intelligence should not be viewed as a substitute for humans in the educational process but as a tool that enables individualised learning to the next level.

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