How AI is Empowering Everyday Life?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Artificial intelligence enables machines to act with the intelligence that people normally associate with one another. It enables machines to search for patterns through massive amounts of data and even develop intuition through testing and error.

In the years to come, people will ask about their phones, cars, banking systems, and almost every piece of technology that they interact every day. Artificial intelligence will reshape all these facets of life. From browsing Facebook to using smartphones for shopping, people are bound to interact with AI.

LG Company has initiated a new service, LG Pro-Active Customer Care that leverages AI. It provides advanced and personalized customer service by suggesting a simple solution and thus avoiding issues and service calls. The first-of-its-kind customer support initiative aims to improve product performance, increase product longevity, and solve problems more quickly and ultimately save time and money for the company.

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Not only have they given a highly interactive way of sharing desired data with the businesses; they have opened the doors for better ways of addressing the challenges. Another use of AI is to analyze human behavior through data continuously sent by them via their personal devices to generate user-specific suggestions even before consumer needs it. In short, the data sent out by the consumer is used, by AI, for the consumer. Home automation is one of the most famous applications of AI. Coming home to dried and washed clothes, spotless floor, excellent air conditioning, and a hot supper—home automation works like magic and is no less than a boon for an individual.

AI-powered systems also help in fraud detection; indeed, all banks send an email or a message to consumers to make sure that their transactions are secure, and any suspicious activities can be tracked with these systems. Basically, a group of appliances connected to a common network, AI in home-automation learns about consumer living habits, and accordingly, enables appliances to make smart decisions.

Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa are few among famous AI-powered digital personal assistants. These personal assistant help consumers find useful information by using voice. Ride-sharing service Uber uses AI to determine how long it takes to get from start to finish. AI is making human-life easier and is expected to create massive changes in the future.

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