How Digital Technologies Help Enhance Student Engagement

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Applying technologies like video learning and tablets in the classrooms will help students participate and increase engagement in the classroom.

FREMONT, CA: The students must have constant engagement with the content if they have to meet their learning targets and other educational requirements. Therefore, the teachers and educational institutions have started to apply technology like video, gamification, and tablets to engage the students in better ways. These technologies will help the students to participate in the classroom and even meet their necessities.

Tablets can be an easy way to introduce technology

One of the easiest ways to introduce technology and enhance student engagement is by adding tablets. Most of these students are habituated with the tablets as has become a large part of their social life and free time. Therefore, if the educational institutions introduce tablets in the classrooms as it can make classroom education more fun and pleasant.

Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020Moreover, students for their wide range of subject will have relevant posts regarding it in the online platforms which they can use while studying. The teachers can also help the students to use various apps that will enhance their writing skills, and they can even share their work with their classmates. Therefore, using a tablet in the classroom will ensure the smooth engagement of students, but it will also become exciting for them to learn.

Introducing Videos in the classroom

Another way to enhance student engagement is by utilizing videos and technology in the classroom. Video learning can bring the subject matter to life for the students, and it can be exciting. The children can have an interactive experience with the tablets, and video learning will take them to a virtual trip. Moreover, while studying, the students can also research and watch videos of the subjects, which will leave a better impression on them for a long time.

Gamification can also be used to develop student engagement. Gamification is a type of educational activity in the form of a game. Some apps allow the teachers to make the students think that they are playing games by virtually rewarding them and making them compete against their classmates. Meanwhile, teachers can collect data with the help of games like quizzes and evaluate the qualification of the students in the class. However, this method is one of the easiest ways teachers can enhance their students' engagement in the classroom.

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