How EdTech Startups are Enhancing the Skills of the Students

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 11, 2020

The EdTech startups are offering students with opportunities that will help them to develop their skills.

FREMONT, CA: Technology and digitalization have transformed the processes in which the business work and the employees perform their tasks. The educational sector is also advancing with the help of such technologies. Therefore, the demand for learning startups is increasing, particularly the ones that prioritize on AI. Moreover, many big companies are investing in EdTech startup companies to shape the next generation's skills. 

Here are some of how ed-tech companies can transform the future generation and make them more efficient. 

1. Immersive Learning

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019The classroom learning is no longer constrained to the chalkboard. Nowadays, while learning about everything, starting from specific timelines in history to climate change, the students can take part in immersive experiences. The EdTech companies are collaborating with educators to develop augmented-reality tutorials that consist of virtually transferring the students to the moon's surface while reading about space. 

2. Industry-Specific Learning

Today, the business world has become extremely fast-paced due to which they need learners who have a basic understanding of the industry and the way it works. Therefore, various companies are developing industry-specific online courses by collaborating with the media outlets, colleges, and organizations who want to help the students by training them for the industrial sector. 

3. Big Data

Attendance and test scores are continuing as the traditional method of gaining success in the classroom, but simple technologies have started to show their impact. Various companies encourage collaboration among parents and teachers to engage in extracurricular activities by utilizing big-data analytics. Such technologies will help them to identify new opportunities and ideas. 

4. Future-Ready Design

Artificial intelligence has already started to remove the repetitive tasks, and the experts are forecasting that it will automate everything that can be automated. Therefore, the demand of immense skill will increase in the market like problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, ideation, and empathy. The ed-tech startups are preparing the students to become ready for such platforms. They encourage the students to work on solutions so that they can address difficult issues like development goals and UN sustainability.

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