How Education Technology Can Help with Student Engagement

Education Technology Insights | Monday, September 14, 2020

Digital education is eliminating student engagement barriers.

FREMONT, CA: With the fast-moving world, education is changing into high tech mode. The happenings worldwide, in technology, have a significant influence on education and learning system. With technology, the ways how teachers, learners, education system, and students are sure to keep the pace with it. Also, from the past four to five months, we have seen that the presence of COVID-19 has radically transformed the education by digitalizing it. There is a lot of ways in which technology has made the path easier for teachers in helping to engage the students.

Top 10 Student Information System Companies - 2019The onset of Blended learning

With the rising pandemic of COVID-19, social distancing is taking the driving seat for the predictable future, which means that the academic institutions and schools will evaluate face-to-face teaching in a digital way and look towards the models of learning that are blending both in-person and online learning. From interactive learning materials to online tests, and video content, digital student engagement is skyrocketing. According to a report, many universities have moved toward online teaching with the onset of COVID-19. As a result, the increasing demand will meet the ability of universities to deliver online lectures.

Virtual and Augmented Learning Experiences

Virtual and Augmented Reality has played a vital role in uplifting online education. Thanks to Virtual and Augmented reality, learners can actually get enhanced learning experiences without moving out of their living rooms. Students can eagerly to learn about space objects just by running a 3D space video on their VR headgear; they may even float in space, with the background voice continuing to describe a detailed Milky way.

Speech-to-Text Options

Most of the devices and app platforms are now using virtual assistant apps and features like Apple’s Siri. These smart assistants have a response to voice commands and are making learning more accessible. Additionally, a speech-to-text feature, on most devices, makes writing more comfortable and fast-paced.

Submission of assignments as podcasts or videos

Podcasts are a type of digital audio files available for download on a computer or portable media player. Both video and podcasts make students show their creativity and gain new skills. For submission of assignments, podcasts and videos play a vital role by engaging the students and decreasing the stress level in them.

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