How Technology Contributes to Make Student Engagement Better

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, August 31, 2020

Technology is driving student engagement, keeping students interested in the content being taught, and above all, making learning fun.

FREMONT, CA: There exist a plethora of technologies to make the teaching and learning process more impactful. The right tools can equip educators with the ability to maintain a heightened engagement level among students, enabling better learning outcomes. However, the multitude of engagement tools can make it tough to decide what works and what does not. In this regard, listed below are some of the ways teachers are implementing technologies to make learning more enjoyable:

• Using Visuals for Presentation

A well-made video that delivers a concept is way more exciting and easy to grasp than reading textual content. Visualization technologies can be a great supplement in this regard. Virtual field trips can transport students to corners of the world that are outside of their imagination. This is especially relevant in teaching history and geography, where we seldom get an idea of local geography, traditions, and culture.

 • Including Online Forums

Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020Online education platforms and forums can push students to think creatively and explain what they learned in their own words. It is also great for communicating curriculum updates, classroom announcements, etc. A teacher works more like a moderator in this case. Online votes and classroom surveys are also capable of generating interest among students.

• Making lessons personal

A topic is more enjoyable when it is relevant to the students.  Every student has unique capabilities that can come to the fore with the help of education technology tools. Even in a classroom full of students, teachers can leverage gamification to give every student an opportunity to discover their specific interests.

Traditional learning methods often focus on passive learning- the teacher delivers a lecture that the students are supposed to take up like a sponge. However, active learning is how we naturally learn concepts. With the rise of classroom technologies, active learning has become extremely feasible today.

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