How to Enhance Student Engagement with Online Education Model

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Friday, January 08, 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has pressurized the educational institutes to transfer to an online model. 

FREMONT, CA: Many instructors are now urgently pressured to move courses to an online model. They are undoubtedly learning that it is not a simple achievement to design deliberate and successful online teaching strategies.

Online teaching needs an intentional, reflective teaching design method, mainly when, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, students are told to change at an unprecedented rate. It is alarming, if not shocking, in the midst of the chaos, that problems with the transition to online learning may have the most significant effect on the students who are most at risk. Evidence shows that struggling students also have the greatest difficulty progressing in online programs.

These abrupt changes and the reality that online success rates often lag behind face-to-face classes make it easy to be discouraged. An increasing body of evidence suggests addressing the challenge of fostering collaboration, interaction, and dialogue that are often the cornerstone of great teaching and learning environments that have been the biggest obstacle to achieve equal success rates in online learning.

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Set consistent and straightforward expectations about students’ responsibilities 

Make the lives and lives of the students easier with easy, straightforward, consistent criteria for participation in online discussion board choice. For students, any additional standard, deadline discrepancy, and exception add difficulty and cognitive load, so it is necessary to consider the cost versus the advantage of adding more specific criteria. Instead of ensuring that they get their points, a repeated deadline with exact requirements enables students to concentrate on creating their posts and developing a habit of inquiry.

Stay focused on what matters

Maintaining online discussion can feel like one more object on an ever-growing to-do list, and the responsibility is even more significant in a time of crisis like this one. For accuracy, grammar, and compliance, several instructors feel they have to read every discussion post, but with online discussion, the most crucial part is to see students engage meaningfully and actively. However, in the discussion, instructors who are deeply engaged in moderating posts sometimes see decreased student autonomy and engagement. Teachers can remain focused on engaging with students significantly by combating the urge to take action in every incorrect response or rogue punctuation mark on the discussion board while promoting student autonomy, resulting in better student motivation and course performance. 

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