How To Protect Parent Communications with Security Tools?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Safe and streamlines parent teacher communication plays a major role in the education sector but sometimes it help the hackers to misuse the sensitive information.

FREMONT, CA: Effective communication between educators and parents is essential, if not crucial for helping students learn but as data breaches are happening every day, so it is becoming complicated day by day. Just because of one silly mistake of an educational institution, their sensitive data can be misused by other sources.

The most common platform used by the teachers and the parents to communicate is social media, and if any information is misused from that platform, it will lead to suspending social media. Denying social media in the middle of the academic year had a significant impact on our communication efforts, and it is not a perfect solution for this problem. So in such situations, several other tools can be implemented for safer communication.

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Put Security Tools in Place to Mitigate Risk

With a comprehensive security system, IT teams can help secure communication. If the IT team builds a reliable infrastructure for communication purpose, then it will create a safer environment for both the teachers and the parents. Tools like Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, G Suite for Education, Cisco and Pure Storage Flashstack and Microsoft for Education have made easier ways to tackle with different infrastructure challenges, which rises in daily life. Hyper converged infrastructure also has a role here, bringing with it ease of use.

If the IT policies and security infrastructure are in the right order, educational institutions can look at unified mass communication tools that offer an all-in-one solution. It also limits the amount of entry points for problems. 

The other better option for the institutions is to adopt custom apps because it can offer tailored advantages to institutions and put security in the hands of internal teams, but they may be cost-prohibitive. So after going through the features of the provided apps, institutions can adopt the best one who will fulfill their requirements and is pocket-friendly too. No matter what kind of online strategy or tool is chosen by the company but always keeps the students, parents, and teachers privacy and safety in mind.

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