Imagingo Software Engages Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade Children In Imaginative Problem Solving

Education Technology Insights | Saturday, July 30, 2022

ImaginGO helps students develop fundamental innovation skills, boost their collaboration skills, and uncover multiple intelligences, to help students navigate uncertainty.

FREMONT, CA: Teachers, administrators, parents, and students benefit greatly from software used in education. The solutions designed for these sectors have improved students' understanding and provided better visibility, analytics, and effective communication. In addition to providing unique content, educational software can improve communication, consolidate data, and increase efficiency. ImaginGO's flagship unique software tool has been designed to spark kids' imaginations and stimulate creative problem-solving. ImaginGO engages children's multiple intelligences and prepares them for the flexible thinking required to flourish academically and professionally. ImaginGO supplements traditional curricula by integrating creativity and innovation into the educational experience.

"Our mission is to create the next generation of innovative leaders, and ImaginGO stokes children's imaginations and develops flexible thinking. We want to put a student's imagination at the center of ImaginGO, not the technology. So, we made ImaginGO very easy to use so that teachers can begin to use it without any training. The software guides teachers through the GOGOs and the students do their work in the 'real-world' using pencil-and-paper, brainstorming with classmates and presenting ideas to the class." says John Fox, Co-Founder of ImaginGO.

For kids in kindergarten through sixth grade, ImaginGO was developed. Teaching kids ideas like Design Thinking, Social and Emotional Learning, and Imaginative Thinking through six short activities known as GOGOs, fosters innovation abilities.

Leonardo's Inventci (inventing), Brain Space (visual storytelling), ten or Less (microfiction), Hachoogie (hearing), Themo (emotions to music), and Wordinski (defining new words) each have an important goal of igniting imaginations. The GOGOs give teachers a wide range of creative resources at their disposal. GOGOs might endure for 20 minutes or over an hour. Periodically, new GOGOs are updated, and content is refreshed every week.

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