Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business Education

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 18, 2018

Over the last few years, several top business management schools, including INSEAD, MIT Sloan, and Harvard Business School, have launched electives in their MBAs that explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an AI environment, schools hope to prepare students for a corporate world which, many believe, in the near future will incorporate more machines.

As businesses keep revamping their existing approach amid the rigmarole of technological changes, education institutions too need to delve more into technology to provide learners with the right set of tools. On the flip side, AI is increasingly entering into the HR market where companies such as IBM are using robo-recruiters to screen candidates. In the upcoming years, employers will more rapidly adopt digital screening processes to broaden their reach, and hire the best candidates. Concurrently, companies are also seeking managers that can manage algorithms across service lines and use data to make business decisions better.

Using AI will also change the way students imbibe knowledge online. Providing feedback is considered one of the most essential ingredients to learning and improving knowledge. However, even today, students have limited power to provide feedback to faculty and classmates at the end of a session. With the growing implementation of AI in business schools, academicians feel that this one-sided instructor-led pedagogy will soon change as feedback mechanism could be more readily made available using automation, enabling both students and teachers to receive feedback at the end of each session.

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