Incidents in Ed-Tech: Indication toward a Change?

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 15, 2019

Ed-TechThe whole process of education is undergoing a technological shift. The introduction of technological devices in classrooms enables the schools to fight against the crumbling educational infrastructure. But, the world has moved beyond this. The introduction of e-learning has changed the attitude of students to education. E-learning platforms enable students to grab the facility for better education in a cost-effective way. Research and Markets have predicted e-learning will enjoy the growth of $325 Billion by 2025.

The online education market has grown rapidly in India. A report by Google and KPMG has shown that the ed-tech industry in India will be of $1.96 billion by 2021. This trend proves that today, students are more interested in procuring data from online resources. An online tutoring startup, Vedantu has become able to raise a fund of $11 million in Series B round of funding. The technology platform of the company enables the teachers and student to interact through an online whiteboard and an audio and video platform. Vedantu is willing to use this fund for the improvement of technology. They want to provide the students with a better personalized live learning experience and want to introduce a Student App. Another e-learning platform, Unacademy raised a fund of $21 million in Series C funding round. Unacademy provides online classes for different competitive exams like SSC and UPSC. They intend to use this fund to make the core product and technology team abler.

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Sandbox, an investment firm has acquired Constructive Media. Constructive Media provides math games. Some remarkable products from this company are,, and Sandbox is aimed to prepare the students for tomorrow. Poptropica, Hopster, and Tinybop are some exceptional products of the company to facilitate the process of learning. TAL Education Group acquired game-based learning startup CodeMonkey by expending $20 million. This deal was announced during the Global Education Summit in China. CodeMonkey will be operating as a subsidiary of TAL Education Group. Garbutt & Elliot made an investment of $575,000 in Michael Forshaw, an ed-tech provider. This fund is intended to launch Edtech Impact which will be used to enable the schools to save more money and to decide appropriately on ed-tech investment.

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