Innovative Techniques To Incorporate Technology Into A Preschool Classroom

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 04, 2022

When early childhood educators strategically utilize technology and interactive media within the framework of developmentally appropriate practice, they can support the learning goals specified for particular children.

FREMONT, CA: Unsurprisingly, people live in a digital age. 2020 compelled young children worldwide to quickly acquire the ability to operate a standard mouse and keyboard to participate in school activities. It's been a wild ride, and educators and parents alike must be deliberate in their use of technology in the pre-school classroom. While there are numerous advantages to children utilizing technology, the degree to which technology influences children is frequently determined by the norms and guidelines established by parents and educators. Adults must also give engaging digital experiences with high-quality content. Here are some methods to incorporate technology into pre-school to interest children and help them develop the skills necessary for academic and life success.

Encourage active play: Encourage active play in your classroom by including software that incorporates students' bodies into the game. For instance, consider installing software that requires youngsters to move about to accomplish game objectives while also learning an important lesson. Children may now study while they play, thanks to advancements in technology.

Promote Creativity: Thanks to technology, children have numerous options to express themselves creatively. Encourage children to begin with drawing programs and apps and gradually introduce other sorts of technology. Allow children to snap a photograph and edit it, create a short film and assist in posting it to the classroom blog or engage in similar technology-based activities.

Improved collaboration with parents and school personnel: Technology is beneficial when it comes to communication. While it mustn't be the primary mode of communication, applications can significantly reduce the time spent documenting a child's day and sending photographs and notes. For parents, the best feature is the opportunity to receive images and videos in real-time and to, "like" and comment on them and connect with staff. However, do not rely solely on email, text, or app communication. Face-to-face and voice-to-voice contact are also required.

Additionally, using Zoom and Google Meets platforms is beneficial when organizing meetings or training. Even when this pandemic is over, schools can continue to use these platforms due to their ease of use.

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