Jim Larimore Joins Riiid Labs as Chief Officer for Equity in Learning

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 04, 2020

New leadership at Riiid Labs is expected to bring a commitment to assist students and educators in taking advantage of the untapped power of AI technology.

FREMONT, CA: A leader in AI education solutions, Riiid Labs today names Jim Larimore as its Chief Officer for Equity in Learning. In this leadership role, Larimore will drive Riiid’s strategic initiatives in developing global partnerships to cement the gaps in equity, opportunity, and student success by generating and delivering new AI education solutions to support students to achieve their full potential.

Larimore will also drive the creation of a diverse network of universities, non-profit organizations, and companies to attract AI talent to take part in a data challenge and encourage more women and people of color to enter the AI field. Recently, Riiid made its EdNet dataset, having over 100 million interactions data, publicly available for research purposes.

“AI is the most exciting and disruptive new development in education in my professional career. Riiid is truly pioneering new ways to leverage AI in all areas of education. Its fully personalized learning solutions are unique and proven to be a success. Beyond traditional school-based teaching, all industries today require learning. AI-optimized learning solutions can be applied across all industries for job training, talent training, and more. It’s an exciting time to join Riiid and create the collaborative partnerships that will make an impact.” said Larimore.

Larimore joins Riiid from ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning. He also held top education leadership roles at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dartmouth College, New York University Abu Dhabi, Swarthmore College, and Amherst College. At Stanford University, he served as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Director of the University’s American Indian Program, and Assistant to the provost.

Leading in this age of AI-based education, Riiid develops state-of-the-art deep learning AI technology solutions to deliver a quality learning experience to democratize educational opportunity in true sense. “We are building a whole new academic ecosystem, and in the near future, we will leave the current educational paradigm far behind and embrace all that AI has to offer,” opines Y.J. Jang, CEO at Riiid Labs.

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