Learning A-Z Releases Raz-Plus Espanol To Close Language Barriers For Spanish Students

Education Technology Insights | Monday, May 16, 2022

Learning A-Z releases Raz-Plus Espanol to bridge the learning gaps for Spanish-speaking students in the classroom.

Fremont, CA: "There are millions of native Spanish-speaking students in the U.S., all of whom should have access to the comparable resources English-speaking students have in the classroom. Our customers have expressed the need for a well-established, trusted Spanish literacy resource, and we listened," states Lisa OMasta, President of Learning A-Z. Learning A-Z, a Cambium Learning Group subsidiary, launches Raz-Plus Espanol, an add-on solution that delivers hundreds of authentic Spanish texts and transadapted instructional materials to Raz-Plus in order to enrich the firm's flagship product. As an extension of Learning A-Z's well-established and trusted reading solution, Raz-Plus, Raz-Plus Espanol provides advanced literary success to bilingual students and educators in an effort to eliminate learning gaps in classrooms.

“Raz-Plus Espanol supports key literacy instruction for Spanish-speaking students by providing the comprehensive, blended learning approach that Raz-Plus is known for.” adds Lisa.

“My school has a large population of bilingual students, and we have a hard time finding quality Spanish resources for reading instruction,” states Caroline Harris, a Campus Instructional Coach. “My general education teachers use Raz-Plus in their daily classroom instruction, and I am excited that my bilingual teachers will now have access to comparable resources.”

Using the Espanol add-on to Raz-Plus, bilingual, dual language, and general educators will now have access to tools that support equity of instruction, allowing for greater cooperation among grade-level instructional teams during lesson design.

Raz-Plus Espanol provides pupils with the opportunity to improve and practice their Spanish reading skills through the use of individualized reading materials accessible via the Kids A-Z student portal. With the addition of Raz-Plus Espanol Level Up!, an interactive selection of books that students may finish automatically to progress their literacy development, this solution also gives students greater autonomy and enables them to demonstrate proficiency through personalized learning. Additionally, students can practice their Spanish reading abilities in the Raz-Plus Espanol Reading Room, a collection of resources from which they can select engaging, relevant stuff to read. Raz-Plus Espanol contains four weeks of the summer school curriculum, with lesson plans grouped into five-day blocks and focusing on specific themes and comprehension skills for K-5 instruction.

“Learning A-Zs mission is to inspire curiosity, ensure comprehension and instil the joy of learning for elementary students, regardless of their native language,” comments OMasta. “Providing teachers with trustworthy, valuable resources for all students is one more step toward achieving this goal, and were committed to doing so well into the future.”

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