Lingk Launches Data Integration Platform; Squares Institutional Success with Operational Outcome

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, May 05, 2016

DANVILLE, CA: Eliminating unnecessary, expensive and manual labor associated with customer implementation process is indeed a herculean task. But cloud based data integration software provider, Lingk makes it uncomplicated with its latest release of Lingk Data as a Service (DaaS) platform that supports governed visibility into critical student and institutional data to integrate application with utmost ease.

Backed by an expert team and over 50 years of hands-on experience in the field of education and SaaS technology, the software from Lingk enables secure data sharing with enhanced controllability over data. With its coherent strategy, it simplifies the complexity associated with new applications. It also gets both internal and third-party stakeholders together to share the same platform, so as to boost the technology integration procedure.

Major section of the application depends on data from key campus systems portals like Student Information Systems where integration is still custom effort and manual operation oriented. While mainstream IT resources such as sys admins and DBAs are continuously loosing grip in market with tedious task writing and maintaining custom scripts, Lingk data integration solution proves to be a win-win situation with its adoptability across applications. The platform benefits institution in cost reduction of data and application management while following the governance and privacy norms.  

Lingk addresses educational requisites with features that are mainly powered by Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and learning events that are accumulated from IMS LTI and also additional potential harnessed through data access and privacy controls. It primarily uses open and REST APIs to meet the need of multiple customer institutions in the service integration process. It holds additive capabilities that supports two-way data sharing, ensures data storage and usage for analytics applications.

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