Machine Learning: The Pathway to Transform Learning Management

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 05, 2018

Gone are the days when machines were programmed to perform a range of tasks. Nowadays, intelligent machines, equipped with artificial intelligence can learn nuances of the user behavior. Deep know-how about the users allows the machines to self-learn on how to optimize the service and be smarter. Machine learning can make a sea change when applied to the conventional learning process which is riddled with setting the pace of learning that can be matched up by all learners. But the conventional pedagogical methods yield zero or no result as the fast learners remain unchallenged while the average learners have to learn more than they can master.

Pedagogical tools with machines learning capability can enable students to quickly learn new concepts quickly. As these tools can easily comprehend the learning capability, it will be helpful for the educators to develop the training material and programs that cater to the learning needs of an individual. The structure and content of the learning material can be changed and synced to the learning ability of the students.  Machine learning can also foster creativity in students by developing the learning material that would invoke the interest of students. For instance, IBM empowered The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Infor Design and Tech Lab students with AI capability to create new designs. Not only this collaboration proved successful, but it also revved up the designing process. AI enriched students’ knowledge about designs and helped them create new patterns by blending different design ideas.

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