MetaMoJi Launches Beta Version of its Education App 'Share for Classroom'

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PALO ALTO, CA: MetaMoJi, a provider of mobile productivity applications has come up with their education app called the ‘Share for Classroom’ to help teachers customize visually engaging lesson plans and interact with students in real time on their tablets during classes.

The app will be available for schools around the world to beta test. Share for Classroom provides all the features of the MetaMoJi Productivity Environment like note taking with multiple styles of pen and papers, tools to work with images and web content, voice recording, handwriting recognition and the ability to edit any content at any time. This will enable the students to quickly correct the content in case of mistakes; change colors if needed and include effects like shadows and borders if required.

The app which is built on the already existing MetaMoJi Cloud infrastructure allows the teachers and students to store documents, share repositories for teams to place documents there by enabling the students to work on their documents from anywhere and at any time. They can either work individually or in groups as instructed by their teacher.

MetaMoJi applications are compatible with displays through HDMI or broadcast technologies (such as Air Play) allowing teachers to display their content from their tablet on a larger TV or projector screen. This can be used to provide a large interactive ‘digital whiteboard’ that can be opened to students as required. All students’ tablets can also be forced to reflect the teachers chosen content and to display any annotations that they make.

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