Must-Have Features in Preschool Software

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Preschoolers are adorable, curious, and always on the go.

FREMONT, CA: Preschool children are adorable, curious, and active. You and your workers like spending time with them. When administrative duties interfere, you miss out on all of the fun.

Preschool software may automate many of your most boring duties and maintain order. The software may include an assortment of bells and whistles. How do you determine what it must do?

Let's examine four essential things you should seek in preschool software.

Acceptances and scheduling

If parents value one thing, it is the ease of use. It is challenging enough to cope with young children (as you well know). It is unpopular to require them to miss work and travel to your location to register.

The application for admissions and scheduling should have a parent portal where parents can register and enroll their children online, receive money, manage parent and child information, give downloadable receipts and tax statements, and manage parent and child information.

Secure computerized registration and enrollment based on the calendar provide families with various scheduling options and allow you to collect the activity fee in advance. Account management centralizes all child and parent data, and tracks account balances and payment due dates.

Invoicing and payment

The software for preschools should be able to generate invoices, collect a payment, and maintain a running balance. Look for both batch and individual payment postings.

The capability to accept credit cards, automatic bank withdrawals, money orders, and cash should be included in payment processing. Using existing system data, you must be able to generate billing statements, payment reports, and invoices.

Also required for processing vouchers, co-payments, and agency payments for subsidized care are agency accounting. Based on attendance, it should also produce invoices for the agencies.

Personnel management

For proper payroll, time and attendance capabilities are required. Track each employee's on-time arrivals, absences, and hours worked at the organizational and site levels. The application should be able to calculate pay rates for hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annual periods.

Participation and meal planning

Numerous preschools provide children with meals or snacks. Ensure that the software offers menu planning and scheduling and monthly meal counts by location. In addition to monitoring nutritional analysis and particular dietary requirements, USDA CACFP reimbursement reports should be generated.

You want to track your children's attendance. Consider preschool software with automatic features for sign-in and sign-out utilizing a mobile device or web portal. The software should also automate late pickup billing.

The best preschool software should be capable of automating as many of your tasks as possible. Today's software includes a vast array of functions, but you must ensure that they meet your demands.

Look for attendance and scheduling features that automate checking in and out and a parent portal that enables families to register, enroll, and pay online without visiting your facility. Billing and payment software can help you charge regularly and collect more income from late payment notices. Maintain a record of your employees and their payroll to monitor absences, tardiness, and payroll. Lastly, software for meal planning automates the documents required for USDA CACFP reimbursement and budgeting.

You founded a preschool due to your ability to interact with young children. Why devote all of your time to administrative tasks and miss out on the firsts that occur daily? Utilize preschool software to automate as much as possible and save up time to focus on your core business objectives.

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