RedVector to Offer Mobileready Safety Training to Industrial Businesses

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TAMPA, FL: RedVector, a provider of online training to industrial businesses has come up with its mobileready training courses to teach the safe handling, storage and transport of chemicals, oil and gas. Some of the industries include chemical processing, oil and gas, metals and minerals, and manufacturing.

The 7.5 hours training include safety standards, EPA and DOT requirements, and propose solutions to both everyday safety challenges and emergency situations. The RedVector training enables the gas pipeline facility professionals to deal with corrosion control and transportation of natural gas. It helps R&D laboratory workers about storing and handling of chemicals. Besides this, the training also gives an outline view about regulating the hazardous wastes and tools to prevent oil spill.

The mobile-ready safety training courses include:
Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA): Hazardous Waste Training Requirements
Corrosion Control: Transportation of Natural & Other Gases by Pipeline
Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
Emergency Plans & Response Training for Gas Pipelines
Oil Spill Responses in Facilities
R&D Chemical Hygiene
Benzene: Safe Handling & Storage
Vinyl Chloride: Safe Handling & Storage

“We’re proud to launch safety training that can help industrial organizations and their employees further their safety culture and help them comply with critical EPA and DOT requirements. We believe that investment in safety curriculum can greatly reduce injuries and illnesses and improve productivity and employee morale,” says Dan McGonegle, Industrial Product Director, RedVector.

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