Schoology Launches Certified Partner Program to Better Connect Other Education Technology Tools

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

New York - Schoology, the leading K-12 learning management and assessment platform, recently launched its “Certified Partner Program” to ensure its customers across the country have access to the very best education technology products and services.

Schoology already integrates with hundreds of ed-tech tools, student information systems, and education platforms. The Certified Partner Program gives these companies the opportunity to elevate their status to Schoology users and provide users with a more integrated experience.

“Building off of our existing partnerships, the Schoology Certified Partner Program will help ensure that we are offering the very best ed-tech tools and resources, so teachers and students have every educational resource at their fingertips,” said Jeremy Friedman, co-founder, and CEO of Schoology. “It reflects our ongoing effort to build the most integrated K-12 learning management and assessment platform while highlighting some of our best partners to our network of nearly 2,000 school districts.”

Schoology gives Certified Partners dedicated marketing and business development support as well as technical assistance to ensure their products are fully integrated into Schoology. Meanwhile, Schoology customers benefit from the availability of hundreds of outstanding ed-tech tools that operate seamlessly together.

The following companies are the first to join the Certified Partner Program:

• CypherWorx, a provider of performance solutions and content, with a mission to serve industries requiring professional development.

• Edgenuity, a provider of online and blended learning solutions for K-12 students including core and credit recovery courses, and intervention and test readiness programs.

• Edmentum, delivers research-based digital curriculum, assessments, and practice items aligned to state standards, making it easier for educators to individualize learning.

• Education Modified, an ed-tech company that uses data analytics to improve outcomes for special needs students.

• McGraw-Hill Education, a learning science company delivering personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, educators, and professionals drive results.

• Nearpod, a tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons.

• Writable, a writing tool that saves teachers time on prep and grading, while helping schools organize their writing programs.

Melissa Corto, CEO of Education Modified, said user experience and teacher workflow was an important factor when choosing a partner.

“After working with their team and listening to Schoology customers, I really believe Schoology’s partner program will add value to Education Modified because of its commitment to our success and to bringing our company to the next level,” said Corto.

Schoology’s goal with the Certified Partner Program is to ensure an immediate return on investment for all partners while building an ecosystem of great ed-tech tools that will help ensure customers’ success.

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