Schoolytics Launches Student Engagement Analytics Platform

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Schoolytics, with its student engagement analytics platform, enables schools to optimize and streamline how school administrators gather, aggregate, and interact with student data.

FREMONT, CA: Schoolytics, provider of student engagement analytics, announces the launch of their platform to inform data-driven actions in the classroom. Through a partnership with Google for Education that includes integrations with Google Classroom, Schoolytics offers educators the power to track and assess student engagement and performance in an era of digital learning. The Schoolytics platform allows schools to optimize and streamline how school administrators collect and interact with student data.

Historically, a major burden has been placed on educators to bind together and make sense of complex student data when they often lack the time or resources to do so. Schoolytics’mission is to make these extensive data sets digestible for educators and school administrators to offer a holistic picture of student engagement and a clear path to enhance student success.

Access to clean data is vital in today’s environment, where a large percentage of students across the United States have started the school year online. Schoolytics helps educators define and understand the features of an engaged student by offering easy access to visualizations showing student habits and activity at the course, teacher, grade, and school level. Besides, the platforms automated analytics can serve as an early alarm system for students who could be considered at-risk for falling behind in their coursework.

As schools find how to track attendance and engagement with virtual and hybrid learning models, one of the key recommendations is to encourage teachers to post daily queries that students can respond to in Google Classroom. By combining student engagement data with course content in Schoolytics, educational institutions are offered insight into the effectiveness of current curriculums and programs.

Schoolytics serves over 250 K-12 schools across ten states in analyzing student engagement data. The Schoolytics platform combines Google applications, like Google Classroom, Google Sign-On, Google Meet,  and more. Once integrated to an institution's G Suite account, the platform will start aggregating data and creating actionable insights.

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