Studies Weekly Hires 52 Employees Since March 2020

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Despite the worldwide pandemic, Studies Weekly has hired 52 full-time employees since March 2020, with the greatest growth in customer support.

OREM, Utah - Despite the worldwide pandemic, Studies Weekly has hired 52 full-time employees since March 2020, with the greatest growth in customer support.

This growth came as a result of meeting student and teacher needs as the COVID-19 pandemic forced educators into remote instruction. Studies Weekly worked to provide teachers with the best online curriculum and offered free training on effective digital learning strategies.

“The pandemic expanded the use of remote learning in a dramatic way. I have worked remotely since 1998 and led teams in this fashion for almost two decades. Because of this, when elementary schools shut down in spring 2020, it was essential to expand our curriculum, product and support teams so we could help teachers,” said John McCurdy, Studies Weekly CEO.

Studies Weekly not only has grown in numbers, but its leadership gives current employees opportunity for growth as well. The company provides employees with professional development opportunities so that they can use their skills to give educators the best curriculum possible.

Sheldon Savage has worked in almost every department at Studies Weekly. He started as a temporary customer service agent for Studies Weekly in June 2007. He began helping with production and the company offered him a full-time warehouse position. He was then the warehouse manager for over a year, before transitioning to managing state curriculum adoptions. He now works as a regional manager on the sales team.

“I am having great experiences connecting with schools and districts while helping share the value Studies Weekly brings to students,” Savage said.

According to Savage, Studies Weekly’s executive and leadership teams set it apart from other companies.

“I have had many leaders at Studies Weekly -- including the owner -- who have believed in me and helped me stretch beyond what I thought I was capable of,” Savage said.

Edna Cruz first started with Studies Weekly as an editor for Spanish publications. She then started gaining experience in curriculum development as she attended educational conferences. There, she learned about teaching strategies and how to incorporate different cultural perspectives. This prepared her for her current role as managing editor.

“One of my main goals is to make our publications culturally relevant, inclusive, and accessible to all students,” Cruz said.

Kris Gillespie was working as a freelance illustrator in 2001 when the company offered him a full-time job as a lead illustrator.

“It was great to do more than simply create assigned illustrations,” Gillespie said. “I had a voice in the overall look and feel of the product.”

As the company grew, so did Gillespie’s responsibilities. His boss prepared him to take over as the company's creative director. Now, Gillespie is the chief product officer.

“I continue learning and growing with our company, and I am so grateful for the many professionals I get to associate with,” Gillespie said.

Studies Weekly also gives young talented college students, like Anton Piddubnyi, opportunities to gain valuable real-world experience. Piddubnyi did an unofficial marketing internship with Studies Weekly for six months and loved it so much that he decided to return for an official summer internship this year.

“The fact that I can create an impact and do a real project that will either bring more revenue or increase marketing team productivity is so awesome,” Piddubnyi said.

Ian Maryott is also interning with Studies Weekly while studying business at Utah Valley University. He reached out to the chief marketing officer, Melody Anderson, who encouraged him to take marketing classes. Maryott continued his studies and landed an internship on the company's marketing team.

“I am very grateful that Melody recognized I was new to marketing and actually encouraged me to keep going,” Maryott said.

Just as Studies Weekly promotes employee success, it helps teachers and students reach their full potential with an innovative core curriculum that includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, and other valuable resources.



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