SurePeople Delivers Customized, On-Demand Learning and Personalized Development Plans

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, May 05, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: SurePeople, a developer of cloud based platform for data, insights, learning and development solutions has declared the release of intelligent learning and development platform which is specifically designed to deliver data-driven and employee-driven learning environment and Intelligent Hiring application which enable organizations pick up candidate matching their credentials using scientific data and analytics.

SurePeople’s human capital analytics solutions broaden employee development approachand provide companies with tools to develop their strategic workforce. Its intelligent learning solutions boost employee’s skills and guide them for professional growth. Intelligent Hiring solution leverages PRISM assessment to allow companies match and compare candidates and outlines a candidate's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Now SurePeople’s intelligent learning and development platform will empower companies with scalable, personalized and affordable learning, development and hiring applications. It accommodates SurePeople PRISM- a personal assessment tool that can detect Emotional, Relational and Team Intelligence. It measures power, versatility, precision and adaptability of employees and then displays summary filled with actionable insights and classifications to understand employee’s personality.

"Our technology and leadership team is poised to reinvent the learning experience for companies, and to bring a fragmented landscape of learning and human analytics into focus and alignment in one cloud-based platform," says Niko Drakoulis, CEO of SurePeople.

The users of this platform can also take advantage of SurePeople PULSE that can track down organization’s entire workforce, employee’s sense of accountability and employee engagement. PULSE platform help companies to have greater visibility into their talent pipeline and support employee development needs.

Additionally, it caters a suite of ‘Performance and Analytics’ tools to equip employees to track their own progress. It offers peer assessments, social sharing, virtual recognition and instant feedback. The portfolio of tools include, SurePeople SPECTRUM- a dashboard to view HR data, learning activities and measure Return On Investment (ROI), SurePeople SPOTLIGHT- a social element to create a collaborative experience and SurePeople MIRROR, a self-assessment tool that evaluates performance and growth within each practice area.

Further, the platform features an automated personalized learning and development plansbuilt on PRISM data delivering on-demand access of all the multimedia learning content to organizations. Employees can gain real-world insights to guide their personal development, cultivate new skills and apply them in the workplace. It creates content according to each employees need and automates them straight into their work email.

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