SYNNEX, Windows and Lightspeed Together for Enhanced K-12 Education Technology

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, May 05, 2016

GREENVILLE, SC: New developments in the K-12 Education technology is expected to makeit rounds soon, as it sees a blooming partnership between a technology solutions distributer Synnex with Microsoft and Lightspeed Systems. With this partnership a new intuitive mobile device management system is expected to hit the racks, developed for Windows to K-12 education solution providers accompanied with SYNNEX’ white glove integration services.

Lightspeed identified the typical needs for innovation and changes in the educational system and developed on the same lines a solution answering the needs of schools. Accumulating the trade expertise in the field from three giants, namely Microsoft Global Business Unit and SYNNEX and Lightspeed Systems, this is an effort to deliver a unique solution on Windows for their clients, primarily schools.

SYNNEX and Lightspeed offer three different management solutions: the first being the Web Filter that ensures the safety of students, compliance and access to valuable web resources making sure it avoids cases of overblocking. The Mobile Manager delivers a composite MDM solution enabling cloud based management of devices. And finally, the Classroom Orchestrator to avoid goof ups in a full classroom of devices.

The services packed with SYNNEX’ suites of white glove integration are namely: Pre sales consultation which is available from the origin point throughout the drafting deployment project plans. Full Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows, taking care of both initial setup and support for already existing environments. SYNNEX also assigns customized settings for schools, enrolls the mobile device into their management console and delivers hardware. Also adding to the list is Lightspeed’s ability to manage any Windows device fueling on Windows 7,8, 8.1 and 10.

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