Technology Equalizing Learning Differences

Education Technology Insights | Friday, May 11, 2018

Every student treads a different pathway to learn or understand a subject. Today, technology’s sweeping transformation in the education sector is making learning easier for students. Teaching should also go hand in hand and take into consideration diverse learning styles to foster student success. The teaching faculty should be pedagogically trained to impart personalized learning that is in tune with the differences in learning.

Education needs more innovations. Technology also can equalize education. As each student learns at his own pace, the regular teaching methodology may not be the right bet for everyone. Artificial intelligence can, in fact, play a key role in enabling students to learn at their own pace and in imparting customized learning.

Virtual Reality (VR) is considered as one of the important educational tools that connect teachers and students in a very novel way. The immersive and experiential learning experience rendered by VR fosters active learner engagement.  Among the myriad of benefits VR–based learning can equip students better for real-life experiences as they can experience the same in a virtual environment and be well prepared. The learning model also bestows better recollection and retention of facts.  

Likewise, impacting the learning arena is the virtual field trips that facilitate students of modern classrooms with a guided exploration experience. With the World Wide Web throwing open limitless possibilities, the digital trip can further take on a more immersive engagement and learning incorporating add-on tools for visualization and simulation.

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