The Ohio State University Adopts BYOD Student Engagement Tool

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The Ohio State University is deploying Top Hat classroom engagement system to enhance interactive learning for students.

Top Hat, a cloud-based e-learning solutions provider, offers classroom engagement system, Top Hat Lecture, using devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops allowing professors to deliver their lecture from anywhere in the classroom. Top Hat Lecture enables professors to present material, launch questions and get real-time students feedback from the lecture slides. It offers automated students attendance, facilitates open discussion and poll students to quickly gauge their understanding.

Top Hat Lecture provides an interactive approach to enhance learning in any subject; students can utilize their text messaging facility on their smartphone to answer the questions. This platform can be utilized for assigning homework and announcing grades outside of the classroom.

Top Hat also offers Top Hat campus wide, a standardized learning platform for students in a campus. It offers unlimited access to Top Hat’s enterprise features such as student analytics dashboard and campus wide sentiment polling. The Ohio State University will be implementing on over 65,000 students and 7,000 professors.

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