Transparent Language Updates its Language System for Users

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

NASHUA, NH: Transparent Language –provider of language-learning technology has announced an update to its language system, Transparent Language Online helping the subscribed users with new features.

The training program that support over 95 languages are used by libraries, schools, and corporate institutions that offer language training programs includes language skills LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), in-depth grammar and cultural materials is also used for many U.S. Government and Defense agencies as well.

The updated features of the language system include one new interface that optimizes screen space and delivers easy navigation; enhanced performance and speed used in HTML/Javascript frameworks; greater mobility which is directly accessible from a web browser on any internet connected devices.

Some other features include selecting the content according to user’s choice allowing them to focus on the desired topics. The new Learning Path gives users a place to start, but also allows them to customize their experience by adding and removing content from Transparent Language’s extensive collection of materials.

 “We are very excited to announce the widespread availability of this updated version of Transparent Language Online,” says Michael Quinlan, CEO, Transparent Language. “We are continuously seeking new ways to make language learning more efficient and accessible, and we believe this update accomplishes exactly that.”

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