Tunga Releases a New e-Learning Platform in Africa

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Ernesto Spruyt, Founder, Tunga

The Dutch company Tunga have launched a new e-learning platform in Africa so that they can offer the software developers with courses and remote working facilities.

FREMONT, CA: Today, remote learning has become standard in every corner of the world, and for the Dutch company Tunga, it is normal to work remotely. This tech company provides high quality and affordable software services to countries like Uganda, Egypt, and Nigeria, with the help of their 4oo software developers. The company's main motto is to contribute to countries like Africa and offer African developers with better opportunities.

Therefore, recently the company has even launched its e-learning platform. With the help of Tunga Academy, the African tech people will have to opportunity to get free online courses. Moreover, the people who work with Tunga will have access to the classes they want to learn, and apart from that, any aspiring software developer can also join the sessions.

Furthermore, according to the founder of Tunga Ernesto Spruyt, their new e-learning platform, "Tunga works with the best talents available on the African market, but our aim is to invest in the entire talent pool. The launch of our e-learning platform, soon to be followed by our testing platform, is an important step in allowing African software developers to effectively improve their skills and assess where they stand. They can follow the courses, regardless of where they are in Africa, in their own time and at their own pace. And because being successful as a software developer is much more than just excelling technically, we also offer courses in soft skills. Our aim is to lead as much tech talent as possible to the opportunities available on the international job market. We can't hire everyone, but we can share our knowledge!"

Presently the Tunga Academy has opened its first e-learning platform that focuses only on Africa. The platform is for the developers and prioritizes four technical courses and three soft skill courses like situation awareness and online communication. Moreover, the courses offered are of bets version, and it will be updated once the company gets the developers' feedback. With the information, they can make sure that the courses are in accordance with the market demand. Besides, the company is also planning on starting a testing platform by this summer so that they can provide the developers with technology that will help them to test and enhance their skills. The Tunga Academy supports the developers' community so that they can update and improve their skill sets while providing remote jobs in the African continent. According to the company, by the end of 2021, they plan to increase the number of courses by 25.

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