What can Edtech offer the times of the Pandemic?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 26, 2021

In these challenging times, what is the extent to which edtech can intervene to make education easier for students, teachers and admins. 

FREMONT, CA: As the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way schools function, teachers and students find it difficult to go about with their day to day activities, academic wise. However, with the use of technology, students can stay connected with their respective teachers. This may not always be the case as the use of technology can be challenging for both teachers and students. But what's vital is how technology is implemented with education to make sure it augments rather than distracts from learning. 

However, technology will count for nothing if the content shared or the devices used seem to be superficial or irrelevant to the curriculum. Teachers need a product that is seamless to use in order for them to not go out of their ways to become IT admins. So the best practise to deal with this challenge is to think beyond just the hardware. This entails providing a comprehensive set of services that make technology easier to deploy at scale and reduce the administrative burden on already overburdened school staff.

There are a few challenges from a student's point of view as well. Students could be exposed to harmful content while using tech devices and the devices must be durable to weather the conditions imposed on them by children. In order to make sure these problems don’t arise, a device which is extremely durable and well protected with cyber security is much needed.  These devices must be integrated with the right technology as they act as a classroom in today's time, until social distancing won't be necessary. One of the most common fallacies regarding technology and education is that learning is somehow easier or less in depth because you're using a computer, video, or a stylus. The simple trick to this by making sure the devices used for education covers all grounds leaving no space for technological disabilities.

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