Why are Edtech Startups Gaining Immense Popularity?

By Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 17, 2020

The education tech startups are in high demand.

FREMONT, CA: In the modern world post-pandemic, the education industry has been witnessing the most creative shift. The change in the regulatory framework has been one of the most influential waves that have taken the realm of education to another level altogether. The pandemic that has been caused due to the novel COVID virus has become the core reason for the integral metamorphosis of the education industry. The social distancing is causing a heavy impact on the way the teachers carried out their teaching process and students to carry out their learning process.

In the world after the pandemic, the impact of social distancing has taken education on the screens of laptops and smartphones. The education technology startups have become the chief innovators. The digital education has become the core driver that is steering the success of the education tech companies. From a digital blackboard to a virtual classroom, education tech startups are always on the front line of development.  

Most of the educational institutions, which always wanted to stay intact to traditional face to face teaching and learning environments, as well are now entering the clientele of an education tech startup. Such is the efficacy that is created by the education tech companies to enjoy the fantasy of online education. The educational institutions have realized that the key to their service and business excellence lies in choosing an appropriate education tech startup. This is because an education tech startup has all the potential to design and develop a digital education app according to the personalized needs and factors that drive a particular school or any other institution.  

Such apps can be accessed on a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop. To add to that, education technology startups are also aiming to normalize the software solution to a vast extent. With all such fruitful benefits that the education technology companies are offering the educational institutions, the dynamics of the teaching and learning process is only changing for the better. In this way, education tech startups are in high demand.

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