Why Remote Learning and Online Learning is Gaining Popularity

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 10, 2020

The concept of online learning and remote learning is increasing because of the present situation caused by coronavirus.

FREMONT, CA: The world has changed following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the countries were in a state of lockdown for most of 2020, offices, businesses, and educational institutes were all closed to prevent the spread of this virus. While some countries are gradually opening, normal operations are hard to resume sometimes soon as social distancing norms need to be followed. To maintain business continuity while following the lockdown restrictions, most organizations and educational institutes are operating remotely from inside their homes. However, some organizations with traditional training activities are struggling to offer skill development programs for their employees. In comparison, the demand for remote learning and online learning is gaining popularity.

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Organizations or educational institutes that operate by traditional means in regular situations are being forced to work remotely. As a temporary solution, for as long as the pandemic and the associated social distancing remain the norm, these institutes and organizations are conducting remote learning sessions. In remote learning, the traditional course materials such as books and presentations are being shared via emails. Besides, online communication platforms are helping trainers and teachers connect to their students. Remote learning is expected to be a temporary measure, and things will resume to normalcy once the restrictions are lifted.

Online learning

With the increasing number of internet users in the last decade, online learning started gaining popularity well before the outbreak of the global pandemic. As working professionals opt to pursue education while continuing with their jobs, many colleges and universities have been offering online training for quite some time. These sources have a well-defined curriculum and an admission process. In addition to academic degrees, soft skills, and know-how of next-generation technologies such as Python and Big Data are also crucial for career growth in the twenty-first century. Thus, an increasing number of online learning platforms are offering these courses to students across the globe. Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, people stay at home for long, which has fueled the demand for online learning during the last six months.

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