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The Velocity and Cadence of IT Delivery in Higher Ed
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Matthew Etchison, CIO, Ivy Tech Community College

In the modern world it is rare that someone ever refers to Higher Education as being near the pinnacle of innovation and disruption. Those words are used to describe Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, or startups or scale ups who are disrupting entire...

Ready, Set, Disrupt
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Tony Moore, Vice President of Technology Administration, Xavier University of Louisiana

Ready for a change? Disruption in Higher Education is inevitable, so institutions, especially HBCUs, must change to keep pace with constant change in technology. "Digital resources that allow students to explore and utilize resources for...

Navigating the Emerging World of Student Information Systems
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Bill Balint, CIO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Perhaps the best news about student information systems (SIS) is that there are more robust, practical options for colleges and universities than at any time in history. Perhaps the worst news is that finding the ideal combination of SIS tools is...

The CIO of the New Digital Era
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Berhanu Tadesse, AVP for IT/Infrastructure Services, California State University, Fullerton

The role of the CIO has drastically evolved in the past few years. CIOs are no longer just responsible for the data center and the IT infrastructure; on the contrary, they are now sitting at the top table of the executive leadership team....

Considerations for a New CIO
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Terry Vahey, CIO and Associate VP for IT Services, San Jose State University

The purpose of technology and information is to enable success of the business, to use it effectively and efficiently to improve business success. Today, CIOs are facing with mounting challenges a hyperconnected world around data and...

Application Leadership for the Future: Build, Trust, Repeat
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Borre Ulrichsen, CIO and Associate VP of IT Services, California State University-East Bay

Responding to a Changing Environment I will not bore you with one more list of the way the world of the CIO is changing. We all know how it goes. Our organizations are competing in a digital world that is moving blazingly fast. To be...