Cloud-based learning: A new frontier in learning management system
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Cloud-based learning and training are useful for students and trainees regardless of small or large organizations. Today organizations are very keen to adopt cloud-based training. Also, it has a growing demand among learners. According to a study...

Higher education mergers and the impact on Information Technology environment
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Jeffrey Cepull, VP for Information Resources and CIO, Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) East Falls campus

Organizational mergers are quite common in the private sector. In fact, many corporations view mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy and are aggressive in their approach to acquiring attractive companies both within and outside their core...

Upskilling Students with AI Education
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The rapid pace of developments in AI has already begun to disrupt different industries. While technology is helping to replace antiquated systems with agile, innovative tools, it is also set to impact jobs and millions of workers of the future....

Revolutionizing Pedagogy with AI
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Curtis A. Carver Jr, Ph.D., VP & CIO, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

In less than 10 years, the connected university has become the norm. Where will we be in ten more years? This article explores the journey over the last ten years and where we might be in the future. In 2009, I became the Vice Chancellor of the...

Dynamic and Agile Environments for Learning
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Brian Fodrey, Assistant Dean for Facilities and Information Technology, CIO, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Introduction The value in working with EdTech startups is as powerful as ever given that technology is increasingly becoming more portable and the marketplace competitive. Similar to a successful startup, organizations are constantly...

AI: Accelerating Decision-Making
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Nigel Duffy, Global Innovation AI Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

The key to victory is to make more appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponents. This critical insight, developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd, is embodied in his OODA Loop concept. The principle applies as much to business...

US Invests In 'Learning Renaissance,' But Must Re-evaluate Methods
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Duke Daehling, Director, Talent Management, Analytics, and Strategy, IBM Smarter Workforce

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch’s words were never truer than now, as organizations across the country strive to be more...

Cloud Computing- Revolutionizing the Education Industry
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Nelson C. Vincent, EdD, VP for IT and CIO, University of Cincinnati

Benefits of cloud computing for the education industry           Cloud computing allows students, faculty and staff to easily store, share, manage and access important documents and systems online...

The CIO of the New Digital Era
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Berhanu Tadesse, AVP for IT/Infrastructure Services, California State University, Fullerton

The role of the CIO has drastically evolved in the past few years. CIOs are no longer just responsible for the data center and the IT infrastructure; on the contrary, they are now sitting at the top table of the executive leadership team....

Higher Ed Administrators and Tech Teams Must Collaborate To Navigate a Complex Ed-Tech Environment
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Rick Torres, President and CEO, National Student Clearinghouse

There is no bigger transition in business than moving from large for-profits to a non-profit, mission-based technology environment. At non-profits, success is measured by extending your mission of service provision to as many of their stakeholders...

How Technology Can Transform the Student Experience
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Tom Andriola, CIO, University of California

Q: What technology trends are shaping higher education? Various technologies are starting to change the nature of the education industry. First, cloud computing has enabled organizations to deliver solutions that are much more agile than...

Mobility: Changing The Way Education is Imparted
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Cheryl Tiahrt, Director of IT, University of South Dakota

I expect the proliferation of Internet connected consumer devices to have a dramatic affect on IT services and support on our campus in the next few years. This is not a new trend, but the wave has not crested. We have seen two major trends in...

Answering Student and Faculty Demands through Data Warehouse Automation
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Chris Stewart, Director, Professional Services, WhereScape

By 2025, the world will be deluged with 163 ZBs of data. How much is that? Well, a single zettabyte is equal to 152 million years of ultrahigh definition 8K video. It's also the amount of data that can be stored on 250 billion DVDs. Now,...

The Need for a Digital Strategy
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Dave Swartz, VP and CIO, American University

We have entered a new age for the educational CIOs and the institutions they support, not unlike the decentralized disruption caused by the move from mainframes to PCs over 30 years ago. This new period can be labeled as the “Age of Digital...

5 Steps to Improve Your School District with Strategy
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Jonathan Morgan, Senior Consultant, AchieveIt

It’s that time of the year again. The school bells begin to ring, students depart for summer break, and administration continues on to their favorite time of the year: PLANNING SEASON.  "We’ve seen tremendous success when...

Taming the Wild IT Ecosystem
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Vince Kellen, PhD, CIO, University of California San Diego

Complexity bedevils us. And in the world of information technology, we have loads of it. Digitization, especially in universities, has grown far faster, perhaps even outstripping a huffing and puffing Moore’s Law, which for years has...

Cloud and SaaS-the New-age Mantra for Education
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Chris Nash, CIO, Adtalem Global Education

1. How would you describe the role of a CIO today? In some respects, the CIO role is like an Olympic decathlete. Just like in the decathlon, today’s CIO is expected to excel at 10 wide-ranging disciplines: 1. Creating a culture of...

The Digital Transformation
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Pete Young, CIO & SVP for Analytics, Planning and Technology, University of Maryland University College

Dynamic Role of A CIO The role of the CIO has evolved dramatically to one of Chief “Innovation” or even “Ideation” Officer. No longer is the CIO role confined to technology and operational domains. The CIO is often...

Cloud - The Innovative Disruption
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Miroslav Humer, CIO, Cleveland State University

Cloud Computing Universities continue to struggle with diminishing resources, fewer positions and reduced funding to accomplish more. We can no longer spend 17 months upgrading an on-premise ERP system to satisfy vendor mandates when that...

Challenges And Changing Trends For CIOs in the Higher Education Industry
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Dena Speranza, CIO, Denison University

Like many other industries, multiple forces have converged on higher education CIOs bringing a necessary evolution to the role, and extinction to the seat holder who does not grow and evolve themselves. Higher Education in the United States is...

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