Transforming Education with Mobile Learning
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James Tagliareni, Chief Information Officer, Washburn University

When I joined the College of the Mainland as CIO two years ago, one of my first priorities was to create a mobile campus, so students and faculty can take advantage of mobile devices and wireless technology inside and outside their classrooms....

Mobility: Changing The Way Education is Imparted
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Cheryl Tiahrt, Director of IT, University of South Dakota

I expect the proliferation of Internet connected consumer devices to have a dramatic affect on IT services and support on our campus in the next few years. This is not a new trend, but the wave has not crested. We have seen two major trends in...

Mobile IT Challenges and Opportunities in the Education Sector
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Deke Kassabian, Senior Director for Networking & Telecommunications, University of Pennsylvania

Mobile device use is skyrocketing everywhere, and higher education is no exception. Each year we see thousands of new students and faculty members arriving on campus, usually with one or more personally-owned mobile devices, with an expectation of...

Hippo Video: Video-first Approach to Flipped Classrooms
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Nilamchand Jain, Co-founder, Karthi Mariappan S, Co-founder & CEO and Srinivasan Krishnan, Co-founder

The Company offers Hippo Video, a powerful video content creation and sharing platform for educators and schools

Schoology: Simplifying the Online Learning Experience
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Jeremy Friedman,Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a learning management system (LMS) that allows the user to create engaging content, design lessons, assess student learning, and collaboration

D2L: Driving the Desire to Learn
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John Baker, President & CEO

A provider of integrated learning platform, integrating mobile learning solutions that empower organizations to improve learning through data-driven technology

Meridian Knowledge Solutions: Imbibing a Culture of Learning and Collaboration
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Jonna Ward, CEO

Provider of enterprise, web-based learning management software

Litmos: The LMS Spearheads
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Rory Cameron, EVP

Offers a SaaS-based learning management system that enables trainers to merge media-rich content with seamless online delivery

Cranium Café: Online Services Platform for Institutions
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Tracy Gorham, CEO

Provider of Real-Time Student Services software was built to simulate an in-office appointment specifically designed to extend the reach to all off campus students....

TimeClock Plus: The Time Keeping Expert
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Jordy Moorman, President Ernie Nabors, COO Dr. Steve Bannerman, CTO Scott Turner, Vice President, Marketing

Industry-leading Public Sector Workforce Management

Nearpod: Inspire, Engage, and Asses Student Learning
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Guido Kovalskys, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a unique mobile learning platform designed for the synchronized use of mobile devices in education.

CommuniTake: Simplifying the mLearning Experience
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Ronen Sasson, CEO

A provider of smart and practical mLearning management system that facilitates and materializes the learning experience for students and educators for better focused learning.

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