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Universities Use Artificial Intelligence to Lift Pupils' Graduation Rates
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In the education sector, faculty can utilize machine learning and data analytics to extend their reach for student support. FREMONT, CA: Advanced education organizations are utilizing AI stages to help battling students make scholarly...

This Is How AI Brings Change in the Education Sector
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Educators are finding possibilities to revolutionize the education sector with the help of AI and bring great opportunities for the future. FREMONT, CA: Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise in every sector. Every organization...

Here Are The Changes That AI Tools Bring To Campus Business Processes
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Many institutions have started experimenting with AI to form boilerplate emails to respond to common questions in core comprising deferring a semester, changing campuses or reenrolling. FREMONT, CA: Educational institutes comprise of many...

Here is How to Secure A Smooth Entry Into the European Edtech Market
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One perplexing question that the entrepreneurs or executives need to attend to is “who will purchase the EdTech when the platform is launched?” Without knowing who the sales pitch is for, one will not be able to design a persuasive...

The Role of Technology in Classrooms of the Future
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William Thirsk, VP of IT & CIO, Marist College

Traditionally, higher education was delivered as a supply-side economic model. Colleges and universities create curricula and experiences to recruit students who attend for four years and are taught through traditional means of lecture and study...

E-Learning: A Step towards a Smarter Future!
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Novel technologies have paced up the game of e-learning. Smarter education system makes students curious about new digital ways of learning!  FREMONT, CA: With technology, the education sector has been welcoming a multitude of smart...

AR and VR Creating a Smarter Future with Immersive and Engaging Education
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Education is one of the foundational elements of society, and the twin technologies are playing an excellent role in educational enhancement. FREMONT, CA: Emerging and innovative technologies have shaped many industries for better. One such...

EdTech Trends to Lookout for In 2019
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Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Gamification, STEM Learning, and Ease of availability are some trends that organization and institutions can look for to improve the quality of education for students. FREMONT, CA: Contemporary teaching...

5 AI Drifts Steering the Education Industry
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Smart teaching and learning are evolving at a rapid rate, and artificial intelligence is playing an integral role in this transformation. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into the education sector. Smart...

Get Better with Digital Portfolio Storytelling with this Platform
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Jean Marie Richardson, President & CEO

iFOLIO, on its platform couples the capability of a portfolio or single visual story in a private link. The link consequently can be shared directly with a consumer through iFOLIO’s proprietary Visual Share SMS or email.  FREMONT,...

Relieving the Burden of Budget from Campuses with AI
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) had a dramatic impact on education system by the way it is serving teachers and students both. Now, educations facilities are delegating a broad range of tasks to AI so that the staffs are free to concentrate more on...

Beyond Virtual Teaching Assistants: Broadening Our Understanding of Practical Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed
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Matt Lisle, Director of Digital Learning Technologies, Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities

When discussing artificial intelligence and higher education, the “Jill Watson” project from Georgia Tech is often cited as one of the premier examples of real-world AI applications in the education space. This groundbreaking...

With EdTech, a Dash of Emotional Intelligence is What's Desired
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While AI lends itself to learning common themes and learning patterns, emotional intelligence helps in connecting the human race to do more. FREMONT, CA: Be it autocorrecting the typed words or talking to a chatbot while seeking help for a...

Improving Student Outcomes With the Help of AI
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Artificial Intelligence can pinpoint efficient instructive methods, strategies, and techniques that are desired for the next-generation. FREMONT, CA: Many teachers and educators are curious about the means to leverage Artificial Intelligence...

Recognize the Right AI Fact-Checker for Schools
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It is critical for educators to recognize the fact-checking that a company’s AI is subjected to before implementation to avoid any material that has a biased view. FREMONT, CA: Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of everything...

Advantages of AI in Personalized Education
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Artificial Intelligence facilitates teachers in tailoring the instruction depending upon every student’s needs. FREMONT, CA: It might not always be possible for teachers to pay attention to all the activities of every student, but with...

ProctorU Brings Innovation and Examination Together
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The traditional approach of invigilating examination has witnessed a revolutionary change with the implementation of new innovative methods of online proctoring for K-12 classrooms. FREMONT, CA: Students now will be able to take the Google...

Artificial Intelligence: Moving Beyond Computer Science
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Michael A. Gennert, Professor of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Former Head of WPI’s Robotics Engineering Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently and rapidly moved from a niche in Computer Science research into the education and business mainstream. Universities are producing increasing numbers of Ph.D.s in AI and closely related fields, including...

Will the AI Winter End for Higher Education?
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Tom Andriola, CIO, University of California

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage, and it is being designated as a transformer for every industry – from financial services to healthcare to farming. Higher education is not immune to this hype, and more and more vendors are...

Poor Campus Connectivity? Try AI
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Felix Windt, Network Engineer at Dartmouth College

In 1956, a small group of researchers came together for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, led by Professor John McCarthy. McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence,” and the conference is widely...