Switch, Inc. launches CardSavr: An RPA-Based Application
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The fintech industry is leveraging recent technologies to provide innovative and efficient services to the customers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the techniques that the fintechs are experimenting to use in their application and...

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence - A Value Proposition Primer for CIOs
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Sammy Amirghodsi, VP, Data Management, Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

With increased focus on robotic process automation (RPA) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, the next evolution in cognitive automation is now underway. Chief Information Officers CIOs are evaluating and deploying second generation cognitive...

Marrying Technology and Education Science to Evolve Security Awareness and Training
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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO, Wombat Security

At Wombat Security, cyber awareness and training initiatives are central to our mission of changing employee behaviors and reducing risk to organizations. Education is one of the foundational elements of our unique methodology, and our approach is...

AI: What it Can Bring and How to Prepare for the Future
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Chris Miller, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Avanade

Every decade a major disruption has occurred that altered the digital landscape: from the PC revolution, to the internet boom, to the mobile-first rise. Each development brought powerful opportunities for businesses that were smart enough to...

Answering Student and Faculty Demands through Data Warehouse Automation
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Chris Stewart, Director, Professional Services, WhereScape

By 2025, the world will be deluged with 163 ZBs of data. How much is that? Well, a single zettabyte is equal to 152 million years of ultrahigh definition 8K video. It's also the amount of data that can be stored on 250 billion DVDs. Now,...

A Selection of Leadership Issues for Higher Education CIOs in 2017
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Jeffrey Cepull, VP for Information Resources & CIO, Philadelphia University

As we head into a new year with new challenges and opportunities, the following list can provide a foundation for discussion, additional thought, and dialogue to best meet and exceed many of our goals in 2017 as higher education CIOs. Know your...

Automation Technology is the New Panacea of Education
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Sam Farsaii, CTO, Coppell ISD

Steps schools can take to foster innovation and growth Innovation is the latest vogue in education. How can we promote creativity and innovation? Sometimes the issue is deeper than what it seems. The reality is that automation is forcing us to...

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